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2008 Harvest

Posted by Judy Phelps on January 6, 2009

barrelsNow that the 2008 harvest has come to an end and the wines are tucked away in the barrels, it is time to develop some preliminary impressions.


 I just tasted all the wines from 2008  over the past week and I’m convinced we all did a great job. I am really happy about this vintage the wines so far are superb.

 My team did excellent work in the in the cellar as well as in the vineyards. Higher acids than usual will produce some really fine, crisp whites, especially the riesling and sauvignon blanc. Although it will be at least another 12 months before we make the first red blends, it is already clear that we have great wines in our barrels. The single-varietal wines all show a terrific balance in color, acidity, alcohol and tannins. This is a great feeling!

Next we have to focus our attention on  bottling; first the 2008 whites in March and then the 2007 red wines in June (the vintage 2007 is also a beauty).  

It’s a nice feeling to see the last wine get into barrel, get all the equipment clean, one last time for the season,  and  get it put it away until next year. The fermenters are all stacked up and out of the way, and the barrels are all lined up in their tidy rows in the barrel room. The work is never completely done, but it is a good feeling to have survived another harvest


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