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Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher on Washington State Syrah

Posted by Judy Phelps on January 18, 2009

I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal mainly to read Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher’s article each week on wine.  I love their writing and their honest, no-nonsense descriptions of wine. If you love reading wine reviews you have got to seek them out and start reading this column, always so informative and entertaining. This week they reviewed Syrahs from Washington. In a nutshell they loved them  and said that Washtington Syrahs were  ‘bringing back the “wow” that Zinfandel used to pack”.  I am smiling widely because I know this. Read the review here.

For those of you that have tasted Hard  Row’s Syrah, you know that “wow” feeling and I always say to people that you can’t go wrong with a Wahluke Slope (Columbia Valley) Syrah. Most of them, including ours I might add, are excellent.

Thanks for the recognition Dorothy and John.  It is a shame that Washington Syrah’s are not very widely distrubuted. However many small, boutique wineries such as Hard Row to Hoe do ship out of state. I hope this review gets more people tasting these fantastic wines! Call us at the winery at 509-687-3000 and we’d be happy to send you some.


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