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Land Hoe!

Posted by Judy Phelps on January 26, 2009

A neighbor of the winery here in Manson, stopped in the other day with this interesting lawn ornament that she bought for us at a local thrift shop because she felt it belonged here. We are not sure where we are going to put him or how long before the novelty wears off  but he’s here on the deck for us to have fun with for awhile.

We named him “Mr. Morehead” (no, we did not make this name up!) after the man who had the row boat taxi service taking the miners over to the brothel. Want more of the story? Visit the winery website.

Mr. Morehead

Mr. Morehead


4 Responses to “Land Hoe!”

  1. Nicky Markey said

    Hi Judy,

    Mr. Morehead is a beauty! I sure enjoyed your event last weekend – the wine was great (catpee on a what kind of bush?) the magician was terrific and there is nothing like roasting a few marshmallows while you are enjoying a wonderful winter day.


  2. Hi Nicky,
    Glad you like Mr. Morehead. We’re leaving him out on the deck, maybe someone will take him?
    …a gooseberry bush! I never had ’em either but I remember my mother talking about eating them when she was a girl and loving them. I wonder if she’d like the wine too.
    Chocolate this weekend Nicky..hope to see you.

  3. Joanne Saliby said

    Hi, Judy. Alex and I are out of town so I just now read your Feb. 12 comment about gooseberries. I’ll try to remember this spring to bring you a little gooseberry tart. I do this sometimes for Sauv Blanc makers who haven’t eaten or smelled gooseberries. I grew up with them. I don’t get the cat pee smell and I’ve had cats for ***years!We enjoyed Marco at the Winter Wine Gala; we were next to his table. We’ll be up to see you before long. Mr. Morehead (what a name that is!) is great.

  4. Joanne, I would love that thank you. I remember my mother talking about loving gooseberries when she was young. But it seems like you can’t get them anymore. Where do yours come from? Your own garden maybe!
    I can’t wait for you to try the new sauv. blanc. It is really a beautiful wine, I think.
    P.S. I keep Mr. Morehead out on the deck..hoping someone will steal him 🙂

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