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Posted by Judy Phelps on February 8, 2009

Don and I were in California last week attending the Unified winery trade show in Sacremento.  After the show, we headed southwest to do some wine tasting in Paso Robles. On the way we swung by Lodi to do some Zin tasting and decided to go on a tour at the venerable Woodbridge winery.

As we crested the hill to the winery, we came upon a site that made us both gasp. For as far as the eye could see, there were tanks…I mean BIG tanks stretched out like soup cans on a grocery shelf. This is a winery? It looked more like an oil refinery.

Woodbridge wine tanks

The tour was great, but we were amazed at the scale of it. The bottling building itself was bigger than our local Costco.

Woodbridge Bottling Line


2 Responses to “www.HOLYCRAP.com”

  1. marco said

    Wow, that is some production facility! Great to see you blogging Judy…keep it up. We’ll see you this weekend. -marco

  2. Thanks Marco. I will until I run out of things to say. Hope the passes stay open…last year they were closed for Red Wine and Chocolate!

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