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“Cat pee on a gooseberry bush”

Posted by Judy Phelps on January 20, 2009

That is how New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is described by some reviewers and it can also refer to the Hard Row to Hoe 2008 Sauv Blanc still in the tank.  It is meant to be a complimentary description, highly sought after by Sauv. Blanc lovers. Very aromatic, pungent, racy, citrusy,  herbaceous … you’ll either love this wine or you hate it.

Well we’ve got a tank of it waiting to be bottled in March. Of course we will be genteel about the whole thing and call it juniper or boxberry aromas but I giggle about the cat pee description.  Its like that off note that adds complexity to a piece of music.  Its got me humming!! Bottling in March and due to be released around Chelan Nouveau celebration, the last two weeks in April (2009).  Come get some!


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